What Affordable Property Managers Need to Know

In 2023, affordable property management is all about optimizing resources for efficiency. From marketing property to fielding inquiries from prospective renters to preparing for inspections, management professionals have a lot on their plates. Now is the time for streamlining processes and working smarter, not necessarily harder.

Affordable property managers need to know their options for making their day-to-day jobs easier, more efficient, and in the end, more profitable. Outsourcing management may be a solution, but that solution comes with an enormous price tag that many find isn’t worth cutting into the profits for.

Tips for Affordable Property Managers Today

For affordable property managers, technology is the key to doing more with less. Beneficial changes managers can make include:

  • Focusing on automation
  • Making move-ins and move-outs more efficient
  • Establishing a communication strategy
  • Managing data

A manager’s hours, stress, and costs can sharply decline when they follow these tips and implement new procedures.

Focus on Automation

Automation is a game-changer for affordable property managers. Almost any task or routine can be automated with the right property management software. Everything stays organized better, and information is readily available with the click of a button.

Focus on automation to streamline transactions, from online applications to background checks to online payments. Calculations are immediately and automatically completed, and managers enjoy better efficiency and an easier job.

Make Move-ins and Move-Outs More Efficient

Coordinating every detail of move-ins and move-outs can rob you of precious resources and time. Automate and monitor payments, including deposits and any final balances owed at move-out. You may want to consider mobile inspections to handle turnover maintenance promptly.

Mobile apps can record inspections or even conduct them, which can be invaluable if multiple inspections happen all at once. Some apps can also create reports and send repair tickets to a designated repair specialist.

Establish a Communication Strategy

Inspections aren’t the only things mobile phones are good for. Communication is a large part of every affordable housing manager’s job, and it can take up thousands of hours of their time each year. It’s imperative that affordable housing managers constantly and consistently communicate with employees, residents, service professionals, and others.

Managers can rely heavily on text messages to stay in touch without having to dial a number or have a vocal conversation. Speaking to dozens of people daily is inefficient, time-consuming, and often ineffective.

Managers can even automate message deliveries to different lists of people, making it more convenient to schedule maintenance, send out rent reminders, or conduct any other important communication.

Manage Data

Not only can property management software automate everything, but it also allows managers to access resident profiles, accounting records, and so much more from a centralized location on demand.

Leveraging property management software is crucial in 2023 and beyond for any professional who is looking to decrease wasted resources and increase their bottom line. Managing all types of data with a single program is easy, accurate, and convenient, decreasing mistakes caused by human error.

Affordable housing property managers can access any data they need to address any needs or issues that arise. In addition, some property management software can be accessed via mobile phone, so property managers can access everything they need anywhere they go.

Accomplish More by Doing Less

By using automation, electronically managing data, making turnovers more efficient, and establishing an effective communication strategy, affordable housing managers will find more free time for themselves in 2023. They will enjoy higher efficiency and increased profitability, all without working any harder than necessary.

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