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The 3 Biggest Factors Driving the Affordable Housing Crisis

As housing prices continue to rise, many low- and middle-income households increasingly struggle to find options within their budget. But it’s not just potential homeowners — the ongoing affordable housing crisis is putting pressure on owners and investors, property managers, and renters alike.

So what’s the reason for this crisis? Here are some of the most influential factors, from the limited housing supply and rising building costs to issues with zoning and other regulations.

Ongoing Supply Shortages The housing shortage is not a new issue. In fact, buyer demand exceeding supply has been a consistent problem since the building slowdown that...

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Financial Protection for Residents Protects Your Properties

When it comes to attracting prospective residents, property teams highlight everything from flexible lease options, a unique suite of amenities and posh in-home features to exceedingly pet-friendly accommodations.  All have the...
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The Power of Automation

There is no disputing that onsite teams are busy. They juggle prospect outreach, real-time resident requests and community events throughout the day—just to name a few of their duties.  Navigating through...
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Making the Switch to Centralized Leasing

For a long time, the multifamily industry had a reputation for being reluctant to embrace innovation and change.  But that reputation has started to fade in recent years, in part because...
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Managing the Change

When it comes to technology, there is a lot of excitement in the multifamily industry right now. More than ever, operators have the ability to optimize the performance of their...
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What’s Next in Multifamily Marketing?

Musical artist Doja Cat was on TikTok, mildly grumbling that Taco Bell was requiring her to rap about food for an upcoming commercial. Her commiserating followers tracked the progress of...
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Craigslist: Doing it Right

We had a lot of positive feedback from our webinar last month about Craigslist posting. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights: Craigslist is one of the...
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