DepositInsure replaces the traditional, large cash security deposit with a deposit insurance policy. This alternative provides a low-cost, one-time fee for the resident while also increasing coverage for you.

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No more deposits, no hidden fees

Entrata’s DepositInsure is the only true insurance deposit alternative where residents pay a one-time non-refundable alternative, and the property has 50% more coverage than collecting a security deposit.

Competitive revenue share

Another channel for ancillary revenue from marketing fees.

    Low onsite training & management

    Are only involved when a claim needs to be filed when a resident moves out.

      High resident adoption

      DepositInsure is built into the application, keeping leads on your website instead of moving to a 3rd party site.

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        Reduce lead to lease friction

        With more than 10 million Americans behind on rent or mortgage payments, deposit alternatives are now required in some cities and states, and have become a new norm.

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        Reduce room for error

        There’s no need to go through extensive training on DepositInsure because there’s little need for onsite staff to manage it. This is all automated through Entrata so at the end of the day your onsite staff only need to click the “File a Claim” button if needed at the end of the lease.

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        More protection.

        We’ve given deposit alternatives some thought, here's how we compare:

        • Built Into The Lease
        • True Insurance Policy
        • 48hr & Under Claim Turnaround
        • One-Click Claim Submission
        • No Cost To You
        • Increase In Coverage

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